Patient Storytelling

Healthcare marketing innovations helping patients.

One of the amazing developments in healthcare over the last few years, inextricably linked to the development of the social web, has been the rise of the connected patient (or ePatient), and the emergence of the participatory medicine movement.

Much of the work has been done by thousands of patients who have blogged, Tweeted and engaged in community building activities in an effort to tell their stories and change the prevailing relationship between patients and providers.

Patients in Focus is Jennings’ marketing platform that relies on documentary-quality videos to bring the voices of these patients to life. Our videos put credible, well-crafted patient storytelling front and center, communicating a genuine account of that patient and his or her family’s experience with your organization.

We then leverage these stories across numerous digital platforms, including your hospital or health system’s website, YouTube, Google+, and Facebook, to name a few. There is amazing power in having patients tell the story of your organization by recounting their own experience.

A growing number of connected patients also want to learn more about their condition by hearing and seeing others who are facing, or have faced, similar health challenges or diagnoses. They want to connect and learn from first-hand experiences, rather than simply read about a specific condition on a hospital website.

Patients In Focus is one obvious solution to infuse our digital platforms with authentic videos of patients – where they become the storytellers – and advocates for your brand.

To learn more about Patients In Focus or to get started, send us a message, or contact Dan Dunlop at 919-929-0225.