Roger That.

In 1979, Roger Jennings channeled his entrepreneurial nature and purchased Village Graphics of Chapel Hill, North Carolina—a division of the Village Companies. And so, Jennings & Company was born, turning Village Graphics into a full-service advertising agency. At the time, Carter was in the White House, the Ford Pinto was all the rage and people rocked out to disco. All of that would soon change, especially Jennings.

The agency has always maintained deep roots in the health care industry, and in the ‘80s, landing the UNC Healthcare account was one of the pivotal points in the evolution of the firm. In fact, Jennings played a big role in helping the client transition from UNC Hospitals to UNC Healthcare. Other large accounts soon followed, including NexTel, Volvo Trucks North America and Time Warner Cable among others.

In 2012, Dan Dunlop and Paige Zinn, two longtime veterans of the company, purchased Jennings. Soon after, the pair made the decision to dig deep and focus all of the agency’s attention and energies into what it is truly great at—healthcare. And at Jennings, healthcare is defined as any company that betters the health of the population. Today, those are the clients we work with, and hope to continue working with, day in, day out

Years from now, no matter who is in the White House, no matter what kind of cars we drive, clothes we wear, devices we carry or music we listen to, Jennings will endure.