Who We Are

We have become the preeminent healthcare marketing boutique in the United States. We only work with companies whose mission it is to better the health of the population. This means our business units span a number of different areas including:

  • Healthcare marketing and communications support
  • Delivery of impactful healthcare information and education
  • Software development
  • Patient communities
  • Healthcare delivery innovations and anything else related to improving the delivery of healthcare services and information

Our Core Values

We value:

  • Smart, hardworking people
  • A fanatical commitment to our clients’ success
  • Individuals who are driven to improve themselves

Culture and Spirit

As a team of 20 people we have created something great. Mediocrity and complacency are the biggest threats to our culture. And we continually push one another to achieve this greatness.

Because we only work with companies dedicated to bettering the health of our population. We practice what we preach. We encourage one another to be healthy: to have balance in our lives: to work hard and play hard.

All of our employees love what they do and they learn every week. Learning is important to each of us, and we search for ways to learn new things about our industry. And we share what we learn with our teammates, business partners, industry peers, and clients.

Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team of 5 people is comprised of high-level thinkers. And we are focused on three things: being the best at what we do, continuing to innovate, and being highly profitable. If we do all of these things, we’re almost certain to have a lot of fun, too.


We have grown significantly. We have increased revenues by 50% since 2014. And profitability has increased, too. We continue to keep our operating expenses as low as possible.

Our Affiliations

Our company has been enriched by several partnerships and affiliations that we’ve developed with industry thought leaders and innovators around the country and in our backyard.

We now have four Jennings locations, maintained by these partners around the country. This has vastly extended our reach and our sphere of influence within the healthcare arena. Jennings has truly become a national brand.