A bold, ambitious goal for any healthcare marketing agency. But Jennings isn’t a typical agency. Our focus isn’t on what’s been done. We’re far more interested in what’s next. And in this complex healthcare environment, that’s exactly what our clients need us to be focused on. We’re constantly looking ahead. Guiding. Anticipating change. It’s a philosophy that’s led us to develop novel approaches for more than 80 healthcare clients around the country.

We were the first in the country to introduce a hospital mommy blog. The first to advocate and develop online communities for healthcare systems. The first to champion digital physician relations as an integral part of strategic marketing plans. The first to teach healthcare organizations the importance of using social media to manage crisis communications.

Every day, we’re thinking about new ways to approach hospital and healthcare marketing and advertising. And how to give patients and families new perspectives and new information on healthcare – so they can make better, more informed decisions.

We think that will make the world a healthier place. And we’re always looking for partners who think that way, too.




10 Aug

Your iPhone could save your life in a medical emergency.

Some of you may know that Apple launched a new Health app called Medical ID. It was introduced last year as part of iOS 8. (This Health app is the icon with the little red heart.) What does it do? Medical ID allows you to store your medical history, emergency contacts and other vital health information in one place on your iPhone. The upside: If you were in an emergency situation and found unconscious, the Medical ID feature might provide life-saving information to a first responder, even if your phone is locked. Also, if you have a severe or life-threatening allergy, this app increases the chances that your condition will be diagnosed and treated quickly. Equally important: you can list your current medicines, since some could possibly interact adversely with other medications an emergency physician might use to treat you. Another benefit: This option can also be a useful tool for parents to ensure that they are contacted right away if something happens to one of their children. You can use the Medical Notes section to keep a record of other important information, including recent surgeries or other medical interventions, medical implants and previous hospitalizations. You can also indicate information…

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10 Jun

Jennings Employees Named to Top Healthcare Marketing Twitter List

Jennings principal Dan Dunlop and vice president Dewey Mooring were recently named as two of the “25 Healthcare Marketing Professionals You Should Follow” on Twitter in a blog post by eVisit, a telehealth software company. Congratulations, Dan and Dewey! To check out the list, visit Follow Dan on Twitter.  Follow Dewey on Twitter.

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28 May

Jennings Healthcare Clients Shine at 2015 Lamplighter Awards

CHAPEL HILL, NC – May 29, 2015 - Last Thursday evening was a banner occasion for many of Jennings' New England clients. A crowd of nearly 300 healthcare marketers and communicators gathered at Boston's World Trade Center for the 25th Annual Lamplighter Awards Dinner, produced by the New England Society for Healthcare Communications (NESHCo). Two of Jennings’ hospital clients, Signature Healthcare and Tufts Medical Center, ended the night as big winners with 18 awards apiece. Other winners among Jennings' clients included Lawrence General Hospital, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Southwestern Vermont Medical Center, Lowell General Hospital, Copley Hospital and WorldCare International. Notably, Jennings’ work won gold in a number of categories including Physician Relations Campaign, Social Media Campaign, Service Line Campaign, Total Marketing Campaign, Media Relations, Electronic Media, Photography, Logo Design and Online Advertising. “What makes winning lamplighters so rewarding is that they are based on the effectiveness of the advertising. The judges hold each submission to rigorous standards. This particular awards competition is not a beauty pageant,” said Dan Dunlop, Jennings Principal. “Being recognized by the New England Society for Healthcare Communications has taken on its own stature as an acknowledgement of excellence in marketing, communications, advertising and overall strategy,” said…

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