A bold, ambitious goal for any healthcare marketing agency. But Jennings isn’t a typical agency. Our focus isn’t on what’s been done. We’re far more interested in what’s next. And in this complex healthcare environment, that’s exactly what our clients need us to be focused on. We’re constantly looking ahead. Guiding. Anticipating change. It’s a philosophy that’s led us to develop novel approaches for more than 80 healthcare clients around the country.

We were the first in the country to introduce a hospital mommy blog. The first to advocate and develop online communities for healthcare systems. The first to champion digital physician relations as an integral part of strategic marketing plans. The first to teach healthcare organizations the importance of using social media to manage crisis communications.

Every day, we’re thinking about new ways to approach hospital and healthcare marketing and advertising. And how to give patients and families new perspectives and new information on healthcare – so they can make better, more informed decisions.

We think that will make the world a healthier place. And we’re always looking for partners who think that way, too.




09 Feb

5 Social Media Trends For Healthcare Marketers in 2016

The world of social media changes quickly, with dozens of new platforms arriving each year and most marketers scrambling to stay on top of new features and innovations. If history is any indication, 2016 will be no different and will play host to a variety of new trends and changes in the social scene. Here are 5 social media marketing treads healthcare marketers should be on the lookout for this year: Live-Streaming: Some of the most talked about apps these days are live-streaming apps such as Periscope and Meerkat. Social media is already “in-the-moment” by nature, but some posts are more so than others. For example, take Periscope, which was recently acquired by Twitter—it allows users to give a live video broadcast of their lives. Compare that to simply taking a video and posting it later. Mobile Dominance: Until recently, content and web development strategy has primarily focused on the needs of the desktop user, leaving mobile as an afterthought. In 2015, there was a noticeable shift to a “mobile first” mindset. This shift was largely due in part to the sharp increase in the number of mobile app users and website visitors. This trend has been most noticeable with…

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02 Feb

Stepanek to Lead Jennings’ Digital Content Division, Vinegar-Based Productions

Chapel Hill, N.C. – February 2, 2016 – Jennings, the North Carolina-based healthcare marketing and audience engagement agency, has recruited Jason Stepanek to join the firm as its Web Content/Video Manager. A film and video production veteran, Stepanek has more than 20 years of experience, with 7 years in the concentrated field of physician and healthcare marketing with video. In his new position, Stepanek will be tasked with spearheading the firm’s efforts to become the leading developer of digital content for healthcare systems, hospitals, medical practices and other healthcare organizations. Over the last several years, Jennings has built a reputation for producing high quality digital video content including compelling patient stories, physician introductions, procedure specific videos and employee videos addressing issues such as patient safety and workplace wellness. Jennings’ web content is routinely recognized with national and international awards including Telly Awards, Videographer Awards, Healthcare Advertising Awards, Aster Awards and Cancer Awareness Advertising Awards. Prior to joining Jennings, Stepanek served as producer/videographer/director/editor for Binary Pulse Technology Marketing in Irvine, California, where he produced digital video content for the agency’s clients. Stepanek worked with a number of healthcare clients including InTouch Health, Patient Safe Solutions, Awarepoint, Hanger, Innovative Neurotronics, Medsphere, Tandem Diabetes…

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26 Jan

Panic! I just saw a snowflake!

Every month I travel from the Jennings Boston office to our headquarters in Chapel Hill, North Carolina to meet with the team and take care of some administrative tasks that require my presence. The trip is usually just an overnight stay with two days in the Chapel Hill office, but this month I received an unexpected surprise. I was a hostage to mother nature – a wintery mess - in a region that is not accustomed to snow and ice. In fact, when I started working at Jennings this past July, I was elated that I could escape the nasty winter weather of New England and enjoy the mild climate of the South every month - at least for a few days. Just my luck… It just so happened that winter storm Jonas walloped the entire mid-Atlantic region paralyzing the entire state of North Carolina and neighboring states. As a lifelong resident of Boston and its suburbs, I’m accustomed to snow and ice and driving in it, but down in North Carolina, this is a rarity. The state is not used to dealing with snow and ice and panic ensues. In fact, a good friend from New England posted this…

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